Continuous Improvement Manager

Vincent graduated as an engineer at 22 years old. He first joined Peugeot as an engine designer. He took part in the development of the 1.6L HDI euro 5 engine, Peugeot best sales. He achieved the engine calibration in extremes weather conditions by participating to low and high temperature campaigns, such as winter in Finland (-30°C) and summer in Andalucía (+40°C).

 Then he joined Alstom Transport to lead the retrofit of 24 TGV (French high speed train) in order to make them run full speed between France and Spain.

5 years ago, Vincent reoriented its career and headed for the pharmaceutical industry. He entered Arkopharma Laboratories which is the European leader in Phytotherapy. Under the responsibility and drive of the COO he leads Arkopharma’s continuous improvement program.

In 4 years, thanks to a participative work with operators and managers, productivity increased by 50% while work related accident were divided by 2. At the same time, happiness and satisfaction at work had a double digit growth each year.

The leitmotiv was SIMPLIFICATION and COOPERATION! Vincent focused on why people are doing things more than how they are doing it. He emphasized that people look for complex answer to hard problem. It is counterproductive. It is the lack of cooperation between entities that make the problem hard to solve. 

One of his achievement was to drive people through this new mindset and make its co-worker solve what they thought impossible.

He also stimulated a bottom up information flow from the assembly line to the management. People are now encouraged to report problems they face instead of living with and compensate it.

Thanks to this new mindset, the continuous improvement program is now fully supported by each employee. The program is delivering all the results needed to support Arkopharma’s ambitions.