Plant Manager
Continental Automotive GmbH

Torsten Rauch is Plant Manager at Continental Automotive with disciplinary and functional leadership of 11 direct executives and a total responsibility for 1,005 employees, including "legal-administrative" management of employees in the plant as well as upholding the principles of safety, security, environmental protection and corporate social responsibility. He has been in the industry for almost 30 years and at Continental for over 10 years in senior management positions.

Torsten also has operational and quality responsibility for new product launches and series production of technology products (including the execution of Layered Process Audits) for the Division Chassis & Safety (Business Units: Vehicle & Dynamics; Passive Safety & Sensorics; Advanced Driver Assistance Systems), the Division Powertrain (Business Units: Fuel & Exhaust Management; Hybrid Electric Vehicle; Sensors & Actuators) and the Division Interior (Business units: Instrumentation & Driver HMI; commercial Vehicles & Aftermarket) with a total production volume per year of 5.2 billion electronic components, 11.7 million PCBA for lnstrumentation & Display Electronics, 24,4 million Thick-Film Ceramic Substrates and 4.8 million Electronic Control Units for OEMs.

He has business responsibility for €564m sales and the achievement of plant goals in terms of quality, cost, assets and delivery based on approved budget, through the coordination of plant activities and optimisation of plant efficiency in accordance with company guidelines and lean production management system.

Torsten has led strategy development, implementation and change management experience to derive the plant strategy from higher-level strategic targets, in order to ensure the expectations of the customer and the profit of the company as well as to drive cultural and sustainable change.