Social Responsibility Webinar Course

This 8-week online course is designed to give you a comprehensive introduction to social responsibility and will arm you with a skillset focused on influence and stakeholder engagement.

The skills learned here will you help you immediately become more successful in handling social issues in a positive manner in your organization.

You will also receive an official certification from Ingram Innovation LLC.

Course Overview

Week 1
Why Social Responsibility is Important

Align organizational values and personal beliefs

Enable innovation by decreasing resistance to ideas through increased collaboration and mutually beneficial projects

Week 2
What is Social Responsibility

How social responsibility is defined

Introduction to a new perspective for engagement

Week 3
Who Benefits from Social Responsibility

Finding alignment among competitors

Understanding resistance

Week 4
Understanding Influence

How to systemically increase your chance of project success

Three keys to creating influence

Week 5
Influence and Social Responsibility

Amplifying the voice of the unheard

Changing culture purposefully through social responsibility

Week 6
Tribal Leadership and Social Responsibility

Definition of a tribe

Consolidating social advancements
Week 7
The Impact of a Socially Responsible Culture, Part 1

Case study, the impact of aligned engagement on innovation and sustainability

A holistic approach to individual growth
Week 8
The Impact of a Socially Responsible Culture, Part 2

Case study, the effects of cultural transformation on individuals

Case studies, organizational improvement by social responsibility subject

Course Organisers

Billy Ingram Director of Lean Product Development Interface

Billy Ingram is a learner, innovator and inventor. He has 35 years of experience in the manufacturing industry. His strengths include socially responsible cultural transformation, sustainable business model creation and operational re-engineering. He strives to build more sustainable business models through the practical application of socially responsible engagement practices, innovation frameworks and improvement methodologies.
MA Exhibitions are the organisers of the Manufacturing Strategies Summit series. With long running key industry events in Europe and the United States as well as regular webinars and virtual events. The consistent focus on high level, valuable manufacturing case studies and discussion has built a strong and valuable network of senior manufacturing professionals around the world.

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