How Industrial Automation Will Positively Contribute to Sustainable Practices

Tuesday, 1 December 2020 16:55 - 17:25

As many individuals are reaching retirement age in a number of industries, and with Millennials and Gen Zs gravitating toward non-labour intensive roles within organizations, leaders will depend on tools such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) to perform daily tasks. Although AI dates back to 1955, this technology has gained popularity in recent years due to the ability of organizations to influence customer buying decisions and enhance managerial decision-making. When one hears the term Artificial Intelligence, they think of robots walking around and performing human tasks. In reality, we may be decades away from true AI and are currently in the time of Augmented Intelligence within industrial and corporate environments. In this presentation, we will discuss what AI is, what it is not, as well as how we as a society can use AI for good by enhancing and empowering global workforces instead of thinking AI will replace jobs.

Justin Goldston, PhD, Professor of Project and Supply Chain Management, Penn State University