Bekaert Case Study: MES & Digital in Manufacturing

Tuesday, 1 December 2020 14:25 - 14:55

After installing the Bekaert Manufacturing System (BMS) across +80 plants worldwide, Bekaert did launch the BMS digital program. During the presentation you will learn how DELMIA Apriso MES & Digitalization are driving Bekaert in installing Manufacturing Excellence and realizing a breakthrough in quality and cost performance.

  • Our digital vision in manufacturing
  • Solution architecture supporting the digital vision
  • Change management: driving change through people
  • DELMIA MES Apriso as an enabler to achieve transformational change and operational efficiency
  • Lessons learned with global roll out of MES

Alexander Moentjens, Global Program Lead for Digitalization in Operations, Bekaert

Filip Waelkens, Global Program Lead for MES, Bekaert