How we Implement Digital and Human Agility to Increase Operational Resilience

Monday, 30 November 2020 16:05 - 16:35

Covid-19 exposed known cracks and challenges in our global manufacturing operation:

  • Inefficient, manual supply chain processes lead to inefficiencies and delayed responses
  • Ineffective management of unplanned events
  • Lack of real-time information for rapid and timely decision-making
  • Serial planning process not responsive to rapid changes
  • No real-time collaboration on designing a personalized customer experience 
  • Incomplete supply chain data inhibits effective planning and execution
The last 10 months were proving that we are on the right track for our cognitive transformation journey. We learned that digital and people agility require the same focus as we put on our physical agility. So, we doubled down on mastering all three forms of agility to reach higher operational resilience and with it strong competitive advantage.

Matthias Gräfe, Director of Global Supply Chain Transformation, IBM