When Machines Meet Humans in Global Supply Chain Transformation: Lessons Learned in Implementing AI and Analytics to Enable Better Decision-Making

Tuesday, 5 November 2019 12:10 - 12:45

Global supply chains continue to face challenges on reduced lead time, uncertainty and higher requirements. Yet, the tools and technologies we have on our hands to tackle these challenges have advanced in leaps and bounds. This practical case study will showcase the journey IBM has taken on to transform their global supply chain performance by investing in the most cutting-edge technologies and the key lessons learned from it:

  • A business case for investing in AI & Analytics: driving the strategic digital transformation while committing $3 of hard benefits for each $1 invested
  • A three staged transformation journey focusing on data transparency, integration and cognitive workflows
  • How is AI coming into play: Augmenting, learning and assisting in decision making
  • Defining and nurturing the machine/human relationship in the cognitive working environment
  • What are the key lessons learned from the journey?

Matthias Graefe, Director of Supply Chain Transformation, Supply Chain Data Officer, IBM Transformation & Operations, IBM Germany