Bringing the Connected Enterprise to Life through Smart Machines and Smart Connected People

Tuesday, 5 November 2019 10:05 - 10:40

At Rockwell Automation, we are engaged in continuously improving strategy and execution of the Connected Enterprise

  • combining the best opportunity for Productivity with the best Technology by enabling People and Processes to achieve success in the simplest possible way
  • expanding the journey from End Customer into Machine Builder, by making their Machine Smart, that means not only Connected and IIoT Technology enabled, but also Data enabled, turning them in Prescriptive Actions, by connecting them with newest skilled human beings.
  • disclosing Human Possibility to their next level, capturing past best practices and enabling new ideas and methodology through digitalisation, combining OT-IT in a full lifecycle approach, by design, implement, improve and upgrade machines lowering TCO and reducing risk

Paolo Butti, Director Industry and OEM EMEA, Rockwell Automation