Creating a Common Industrial Culture based on Efficiency Improvement

Tuesday, 27 November 2018 11:35 - 12:10

  • PMS: The Lean Manufacturing in Prometeon : Tools and methods from the operators to the top managers
  • Merge 2 different cultures and get the acceptance through a succession of success-stories
  • A few tools but well implemented and part of the DNA of everyone in Manufacturing
  • Kaizen Weeks: task force to solve well identified problems, thanks to the contribution of everyone. Also used as a cross factory exchange tools to accelerate the cross fertilization between the plants
  • The Trainers : a team of home-grown experts, issued from the shop, that coach employees to the standards until they reach the expected results
  • POSS (Prometeon Operations Steering System) as a systematic approach to deploy the company strategy until the operators, escalate issues and increase the efficiency of the problems solving

Hervé Ghesquières, Executive Head of Industrial Efficiency, Prometeon