The X Factor in Lean Operations

Tuesday, 28 November 2017 14:05 - 14:35

The presentation will focus on critical the role that leadership plays during the implementation of change management and lean principles with the vision to implement or to improve to world class operations. All organizations need to improve the capabilities of their people, systems and processes, and when addressed intentionally through effective leadership, result in high employee engagement levels and employee behaviour changes which is essential during the strive towards world class operation.

The leaders of the organization determine the organizational culture and therefore the leadership style development of the leader is a crucial factor which, if unattended could derail the whole Lean implementation process. Stagnant leadership styles could result in defective and static stages of lean implementation, widening the gap between direction provided by the leader and implementation behaviour of employees.

Ultimately, progressive leadership styles create a climate of growth and engagement within the organization, beneficial for the journey of lean principle implementation.

Tjaart Van Den Berg, General Manager, Production, Omnia