L’Oréal Industry 4.0 – Agility, a New Paradigm of Performance at the Heart of New Consumers’ Expectations

Tuesday, 28 November 2017 09:15 - 09:50

The digital revolution has deeply modified beauty consumers’ expectations: they all want to live a rich experience, both on-line and off-line, rather than to simply own beauty products. They are more connected, more informed, more impatient and want personalised beauty solutions suited to their skin types, their life styles, their aspirations. For the L’Oréal Group, Industry 4.0 is a key strategic initiative as, by combining new technologies, it will enable to meet new consumers’ needs and to contribute to the universalisation of beauty. The objective of the presentation is to illustrate that for a Group like L’Oréal, consumer experience is at the heart of the digital transformation of the operations. Industry 4.0 is almost the only way to deliver solutions that will meet new consumers’ trends and behaviours.

During the presentation, we will present L’Oréal’s vision and Operations 4.0 programme and will illustrate a few POCs implemented with different technologies. We will introduce our new smart line: a new perfume bottling line using an industry 4.0 approach leveraging new technology suppliers and combining new technologies such as video, laser measurement, robotics, connectivity, data etc. This has led to significant reductions in change-over time, energy consumption and Capex and will set the standards for the development of new lines.

Christian Georges, Manufacturing Excellence, Corporate Senior Vice President, L'Oréal