Achieve the Next Level of Operational Excellence with Six Theta

16:20 - 16:50

The proprietary Six Theta methodology enables next-level operational excellence through predictable engineering with right first time and shorter time to market due to fewer design iterations and reduced return flow. Six Theta allows for objective measures of design quality. Your organisation will be able to identify and eliminate design weaknesses in both existing and new products, reducing development costs and enabling faster time to market. All in all resulting in a next-generation operations department. Valcon’s Six Theta design methodology has been tested on more than 500 different products and has proven applicable across industries, products and components.

Three key points from the session:

  • How do you obtain predictability?
  • Six Theta methodology and the history of engineering design
  • Get an insight on how Six Theta affects operational excellence

Klaus Godsk, Senior Partner, Valcon

Thomas J. Howard, Professor, Technical University of Denmark