Lean Manufacturing Manager Central & Eastern Europe
Prysmian Group

It is a real honour for us at Prysmiangroup and for me personally to receive this award! It is an award that shows our splendid lean cooperation in the Central Eastern European Region since we started in April 2018. A cooperation and team work, where everyone taking part has contributed to our amazing results during the last period! I thank everyone that I am working with for supporting and coaching us on this journey for excellence in manufacturing. We still have far to go and I am looking forward to achieving more together in the future!

Ludvig is performing an outstanding implementation of the Lean manufacturing concepts, through 8 plants and 4 different countries, driven and based in a strong culture change and manufacturing behaviours. Being a very young professional he has gained the respect of the senior Plant Directors in a very short time, with an extremely effective and committed way of work. On top of that he has managed perfectly dealing with different cultural environments and workforce profiles in terms of age average and educational levels.

Ludvig has a Masters Degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Nottingham and is currently 28 years old. He started his professional journey on a graduate program at Prysmian Group in 2015. Since then he rotated positions in R&D, Operations and Sales in Germany, Mexico and in the Czech Republic. In April 2018, a new position was created in the Central Eastern European Region (CEE) of Prysmian Group, Lean Manufacturing Manager. In this position, Ludvig undertook the challenge to develop the lean activities across the region.

Excellence in manufacturing can be achieved through engaged and motivated teams in the production. Since April 2018, with an amazing engagement of the teams from the different plants and a willingness to change, successes were shared. 6S projects were started in all plants reaching key milestones, with three plants going for a 100% implementation of production areas. Kanban systems were shown to be able to reduce WIP by up to 70%. Production output of a product group were seen to be increased by as much as 60%. Lead times for some products were shown to reduce by 20%. However, the biggest achievement is that the teams truly sustain the change and in some cases autonomously move towards more improvements using the lean methods.  The true joy is to be part of the teams that continuously create and implement new ideas!