2018 Manufacturing Leadership Awards

This award celebrates the accomplishments of an individual over the course of their manufacturing career.

This year's Manufacturing Leadership Award nominees are: 

Alan Foster 

Operations Director

McLaren Automotives

I have a career that has spanned 42 years in the international automotive manufacturing industry, with over 29 years in management, executive and board positions. Over the last thirteen years I have been with McLaren in a range of Executive Director positions. Effective July 2018, I assumed the role of Group Executive Director for Infrastructure Strategy, covering our Automotive, Formula 1 & Electronics businesses. This follows a move in March 2017, from Executive Director of Operations, to Executive Director of Infrastructure Projects for Automotive. This is a strategic business move to ensure McLaren has the correct facilities & FM profiles to deliver its ambitious business plans, like the Track 25 Product Plan. McLaren Automotive are manufacturers of some of the world’s most technologically advanced, fastest and most thrilling high performance cars. Our Formula 1 business requires no introductions. Our Electronics business is at the forefront of four core industry sectors, Automotive, Motorsport, Heath & Transport solutions.

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Mario Naldini

Head of Manufacturing & Supply Chain

Prometeon (ex Pirelli Industrial)

Mario is an experienced Manufacturing and Supply Chain Director with over 25 years in the industry. Beginning his career as an engineer in 1993, Mario, rose through the manufacturing and supply chain ranks. In 2015 Mario was promoted from Operations Manager for Pirelli Latam to Head of Manufacturing and Supply Chain at Prometeon (ex Pirelli Industrial). This promotion established his aptitude as a leader. He has a demonstrated history of working within the automotive industry and specifically the tyre sector. Mario is a strong engineering professional skilled in Operations Management, Engineering, TPM, 5S and Kanban.

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Walter Mattis

Site and Operations Manager Drachten


All my professional life I have worked in Operations and this is the job that thrills me the most. It is a perfect combination of daily problem solving, working with people, developing teams, developing and setting out the Strategy, delivering results, innovation and the strive for Industry 4.0

I started working shifts during my studies. My first job being a 24-hour standby support for processing and technical issues. From this I learned to be always available when needed.
This background has been highly important to me in my career. You are only as good a manager, as your team - starting from the shop floor. They need to have the passion for production and to deliver success and this is what I am working towards for nearly 30 years.

Walter is a highly experienced industrial professional in multiple industries and companies, both strategic as well as operational. He is a people manager and a leader that focuses on driving a business to excellent results.

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