Head of Business Development Technology
Staedtler Mars

"I am delighted, overwhelmed and thankful by being chosen from more than 3,000 manufacturing professionals worldwide. Mark Allen Group is a renowned, experienced and professional media company, connecting high level and cross industry manufacturing and supply chain professionals. So this award means a lot to me.

I would not have achieved my accomplishments without my parents, my family and a few colleagues along my career path.

Therefore I would dedicate this award to my parents who educated and enabled me. It is dedicated to my family who made this possible at all, always have given me the right work life balance and always have accepted the many hours being away from home. Also I would dedicate it to few colleagues who have coached and mentored me, teaching me to always questioning the status quo and striving for more.

Thank you, Gudrun, Hartmut, Matthias, Anett, Henry, Oskar, Sophie, Aatish, Stuart and all my colleagues. Sincerely Thank You!

Christian studied Materials Handling at the University of Applied Science at Erfurt, graduating with a degree in engineering (2002) and later completed a Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree program at the University of Wales, UK (2012). Currently he is enrolled in a Master of Science degree program in Information Technology at the Indiana University Bloomington, USA.

From 2003 till 2018 Christian held several leadership roles in Operations, Lean and Supply Chain Management for Grammer, ITW, TRW, Faurecia and Federal Mogul in Europe, Asia and the US. During this time, he was responsible for the setup of two manufacturing plants in Asia as well as more than 15 restructuring projects across the globe. Beside his operational responsibilities Christian was also jointly responsible with the conceptual design and roll out of the Production System for Federal Mogul as well as for TRW.

His most challenging project was the setup of a new Just in Time plant in South Korea (2009). “At this time, I was fairly young (29) and put in charge in a culture where it is all about seniority and hierarchical levels. I have done many mistakes, have learned a lot and was successful in the end because of a great team and an inspirational leader”. 

Christian has a deep technical understanding and a high level of expertise in Production and Supply Chain with modern methods and standards. This expertise he is passing over in form of his lecturing assignments in International Production, Digital Strategies and Lean Management at two technical universities in Germany.

Currently, Christian is working for STAEDTLER, a traditional German FMCG manufacturer, where he is responsible for the lean transformation along with the digital agenda for the manufacturing network.