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Apriso offers a strategic platform for manufacturing operations that deliver superior functionality for sustained manufacturing excellence by delivering:

  • Visibility into plants and suppliers to improve performance
  • Control of manufacturing operations
  • Synchronisation across operations

Apriso's FlexNet platform provides visibility, adaptability and real time control of manufacturing operations across the enterprise and supply chain network. This is accomplished by integrating planning, execution and control, increasing operational efficiency and eliminating errors in the production process.

Key Products:

Apriso's FlexNet® is an enterprise software platform that enables manufacturing excellence to help transform your manufacturing operations into an industry leading, real time enterprise.

As a global manufacturer, you strive to improve responsiveness and customer satisfaction while ensuring the highest level of quality. At the same time, you face a series of challenges that often conflict with these objectives. The balance can be found in simplifying your systems infrastructure while improving agility with FlexNet.

Synchronise your global operations to assure you make the right product, at the right time, with the right quality, all for the right cost.